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Multivariate geo-statistical analysis of heavy metals in biotic and abiotic factors in Batticaloa lagoon. Written by nadeeka 120
Investigation of flexural and shear behavior of innovative Cold-formed steel beams with web openings Written by nadeeka 73
Phytoremediation of used lubricating oil contaminated soils by Impatiens balsamina L. and Crotalaria retusa. Written by nadeeka 96
Establishment of insectary facilities for the maintenance of potential leishmaniasis vectors and study on systematics, biology and bionomics of sandflies in Sri Lanka. Written by nadeeka 100
Further work on production of high quality graphene based materials from local graphite for high-tech application Written by nadeeka 251
Geo-environmental and clinical profile of Moragahakanda, newly settled area with relation to chronic kidney disease of uncertain etiology (CKDu) Written by nadeeka 80
Sero-prevalence of anti- measles and anti-varicella IgG and factors associated with immunity in pregnant mothers attending antenatal clinics of De Soyza Maternity Hospital, Sri Lanka. Written by nadeeka 68
A Novel Ultrasound Technique to Detect Early Chronic Kidney Disease Written by nadeeka 104
Identification of reliable method for laboratory diagnosis of tuberculosis using nasopharyngeal swabs and saliva of PPD positive cattle and buffalo Written by nadeeka 86
Assessment of behavioural and reproductive responses of coconut mites to coconut varieties and relationship of volatile organic compounds, lipid profiles and phenolic compounds of coconut varieties with their susceptibility levels to coconut mite. Written by nadeeka 228