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Application of extracts from selected spices, herbs and medicinal plants to reduce cross contamination of food borne bacteria and to extend the shelf life of ready to cook marinated chicken meat 207
Comparative antimicrobial resistance patterns and genotypes of Escherichia coli isolates associated with acute diarrhea in humans, healthy poultry and retail chicken products in a selected area of Sri Lanka 195
Strengthening of Capacity and assessment of life cycle carbon footprint of main agricultural export products of Sri Lanka in relation to climate change 202
Evaluation of water quality and macroinvertebrate compositon in relation to catchment land use practices in Umav Oya and Badulu Oya sub catchments in Upper Mahaweli Cachment Area (UMCA) in Sri Lanka 189
Assess the possibility of reducing fertilizer subsidy by enhancing otherinfluential factors 170
Utilization of microbial antagonism in controlling anthracnose diseasein chilly 186
Effect of hydrological regimes on fish yield and livelihood of fishing communities of Victoria reservoir and implications for management 172
Anaysis of the significance of invasive front characteristics in relation to prognosis of oral squamous cell carcinoma 160
Risk of saline groundwater in the Pungudutivu Island of the Jaffna Peninsula and measures for improving groundwater quality enabling sustainable utilization of the resources 183
High Risk Human PapillomaViral infections & the risk of developing oraland pharyngeal cancer: Immuno and Molecular epidemiologic evidence from Sri Lanka 198
A study on Prevalence, Demographic, Socio-economic and Associated factors of Diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome among adults in Jaffna district 179
A study on Malnutrition and Associated factors among children aged1 to 5 years in Jaffna District 174
A randomised controlled trial investigating the effectiveness of cognitive behavior group therapy compared to a wait list control in the treatment of university students with social phobia 169
An evidence based model for near carbon neutral non-domestic buildings in warm humid climates 175
Genetic risk alleles for ulcerative colitis among a Sri Lankan case-control panel 171
Biological analysis of angiogenesis tumour proliferation and tumour necrosis in hepatocellular carcinoma after trans-arterial therapy 176
Production of Glucose Syrup and High Protein concentrates from locally available raw materials of broken rice, maize and manioc 174
Assessment of pesticide residues and heavy metals in water, vegetables and milk in Nuwara Eliya district and development of mitigation techniques to minimize health hazards caused by these xenobiotics 176
Development of natural adsorbents for heavy metal and textile dye contaminated waste water treatment 179
Floristics, heavy metal tolerance and phytomining potential of serpentine flora of Sri Lanka 163
Effect of endocrine distrupturing fungicide "Mancozeb" (metal ethylene-bis- dithiocarbamate) on human endometrial receptivity and fertility 165
Estimation of carbon fluxes for the South Asian region using Maximum Likelihood Ensemble Filter (MLEF) 162
Feasibility study of herbal plant extracts in increasing bone formation and reducing bone resorption in both in vitro and in vivo 174
Neuro-endocrine syndrome in patients on long term antipsychotic treatment 159
Baseline assessment of micronuclei formation and chromosomal aberration as an index of exposure to natural radiation in the Sri Lankan population 175



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