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Improvement of the post harvest storage life of banana using novel strategies and technology transfer to banana industry 161
Ecotourism in Sri Lanka and its impact on Communities and Bio diversity 429
Effect of the presence of gamete/Embryo on the modulation of secretory proteome in the cow: Alteration by the heat stress 371
Efficient Depiction of Video for Semantic Retrieval Applications by Dimensionality Reduction of Visual Feature Space 411
Tagging of Yellow Vein Mosaic Virus (YVMV) resistant genes in wild okra species Abelmoschus angulosus 1031
Mathematics in indigenous knowledge in Sri Lanka 509
Polyphenols from refuse tea and green tea dust for clinical applications: enhancing activity of antibiotics against common drug-resistant pathogens and inhibition of biofilm formation 638
Unified Framework for Healthcare Application Integration: Clinic Management Solution for Public Sector Health Service Institutes 592
Genetic diversity of Sri Lankan butterflies (Lepidoptera) 590
Species abundance and Physico-chemical characteristics of malaria vector breeding habitats 492
Formulation of Suitable Organic Acid Blend to control Salmonellosis in Poultry 474
Spatial modeling of elephant movement for identification of elephant corridors and prediction of corridor change in case of a disturbance 490
Investigation of genetic basis for variation in flowering time among Sri Lankan traditional rice varieties 505
Development of a natural gastroprotective agent from Trichosanthes cucumerina Linn 485
Contamination of paddy soils by toxic trace metals due to long term application of fertilizer 505
Characterization of Soils in the Northern region of Sri Lanka to develop a soil data base for land use planning and environmental applications 491
Investigation of gel polymer electrolytes as cation and anion conductors to be used for possible applications 467
Restoration of ancient Ruhunu Rata tank system to meet the future water demand and livelihood developments as an adaptable strategy to overcome the impacts of climate change 488
Background food and nutritional studies on millets in Sri Lanka 818
Modification of Carbon Surfaces Using Organic Substrates for Advanced Materials and Heavy metals uptake 580
Value addition and cost/benefit analysis of goat milk production with supplemental Thampala (Amaranth spp.) feeding to enhance fatty acids beneficial to human health with special reference to conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) 372
Development of an optical whole cell microalgal-cyanobacterial array biosensor to assess the bioavailable toxic heavy metals in aquatic systems 468
Nanotechnology to improve efficiency of Organic Bulk Heterojunction Solar cells 561
Determination of chemical composition of wet only and bulk deposition and ambient concentration of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and ammonia in urban and industrialized areas in Sri Lanka 380
Bioactivity studies and Activity guided separation of anti-inflammatory compounds from Alpinia calcarata rhizome and leaf 514



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