Calling Quotation for Supply and Installation of Reactor Vessel

REF NO:-  NRC 16 -138


Seals quotations are invited for the supply and Installation of Double walled glass reactor (with cooling & heating). The duly completed  quotation marked “REF No & Closing date “on the top left hand corner of the  envelop should be send under registered cover to reach the Principal Investigator of NRC Grant  16 - 138, Dr/Mrs. Iresha Kottagoda, Materials Technology Section, Industrial Technology Institute, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07, Sri lanka on or before  12.00 p.m. on 2017/02/28. Bid opening will be at 12.00 p.m. on 2017/02/28.

Terms and Conditions;

  1. Quotation validity period should be 90 days
  2. Submit your VAT Registration details,.
  3. Please indicate the Taxes separately
  4. NBT will not paid by National Research Council
  5. NRC grant reference number should be mentioned in all relevant  documents, if not the quotations  are rejected
  6. All items should be provided to above address in good condition
  7. You will be able to provide an Installation and commissioning certificate along with the invoice.
  8. If equipment value 5000,000 or more should be present contract certificate from Samagam Madura.
  9. Please fill this form and submit with an original quotation
  10. All catalogs and other necessary details should be provided with quotations. If the specifications are not mentioned in catalogues a manufacturer’s letter confirming the specifications should be provided with quotation.
  11. Manufacture authorization and letter confirming post sales period should be submitted along with quotations.
  12. You should provide a 10 % Bank guarantee in favor of “Chairman/National Research Council” with 45 days validity beginning on the date of delivery of goods when the confirmation of order for equipments (more than Rs. 1 million) to the NRC.